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Régis Barillé received his PhD in electronics and Optronics in 1993 from the University of Montpellier. In 1994 he joined the University of Angers where he developed research in stimulated scatterings in nonlinear liquids and soliton propagation. In 1999 he was a visiting scientist at the University of Bordeaux. In 2002 he joined the VIRGO detector of gravitational waves project where he managed the injection bench. In 2007 he was visiting scientist at the Laser Physics Centre of the Australian National University. He is author or co-author of more than 120 publications in international periodicals and more than 50 conferences, mostly invited. He has a great deal of experience in interdisciplinary work ranging from experimental physics and environmental metrology to the characterization of surfaces.

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This book presents some of the most important results concerning atmospheric turbulence and some of its effects on the propagation of a light beam. Atmospheric turbulence causes fluctuations in both the intensity and the phase of the beam and still must be understood and modelized for applications in photonics or environmental metrology. The future of free-space optical (FSO) communication through atmospheric turbulence channels is especially of interest and research on high bit-rate communications attracts more and more interest as an alternative to radio links because of bandwidth, spectrum, and security issues. Some of the current solutions for improving FSO communications are presented in this book.

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