Trudy Corrigan

Dublin City University

Dr. Trudy Corrigan is an assistant professor at Dublin City University (DCU), Ireland. She is a staff member in the School of Policy and Practice at DCU and a research fellow at the Dublin City University Anti-Bullying Centre. Her research interests include adult education, lifelong learning, and intergenerational learning. She was recently a recipient of the New Foundations Irish Research Award in partnership with the Age & Opportunity organization, whose research evaluates ageism and bullying in the workplace. The organization’s aim is to provide a solution-oriented approach to addressing ageism through policies and practices relevant to employers and employees. Dr. Corrigan is passionate about human rights across a variety of disciplines, including education, health, sociology, culture, and the arts. She is interested in providing multi-disciplinary spaces through both the printed word and online media to disseminate the work of those who want to ensure that human rights are adhered to and upheld. This is to enable the narrative, research, and voice of academics and practitioners interested in promoting human rights to be heard and shared in a contemporary world.

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This book is a collection of narratives and research that explores our understanding of human rights in the contemporary world. The chapters highlight the narrative and experiences of researchers and academics who seek to ensure that human rights are implemented in policies and practices in their communities, their countries, and the global world. The book presents contemporary themes of the United Nations Human Rights in terms of current policies and practices, legislative reform, property rights, liberty, security, and freedom of expression. It also provides a comprehensive understanding of the importance of human rights across a number of fields of study that are very relevant in our contemporary world today.

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