Margherita Premuda

Margherita Premuda, born in Bologna on 22/07/1968 has a degree in physics, July 19, 1994. The thesis was followed by a technical report-ENEA Innovation Department, entitled "Il codice PREMAR per la simulazione Montecarlo del trasporto della radiazione nell'atmosfera". She attended the summer school in Mathematical Physics in Ravello 18 to 30 September 1995 . In 1996 she received a scholarship from the Institute FISBAT CNR, in which she developed good capacity for processing and analysis of spectrophotometric data, and also participated in a campaign for Intercomparison of instruments employing DOAS ( Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy) methodology . In 1998 she attended the Fourth National Congress of SIMAI (Italian Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics). In the years 1999 to 2002 she studied for Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering at the DIENCA (Department of Engineering Energetic, Nuclear and Environmental Control) of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Bologna. For two years after she received, with positive results, a post-doctoral fellowship at the same Department, participating in important conferences such IRRMA-5 . Since 10/9/2007 she works at ISAC-CNR, under the scientific responsibility of Dr. G. Giovanelli, and participated in several projects developing activities in the modeling of atmospheric radiative transfer applied to DOAS.

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