Bülent Şen

Fırat University

Bülent Şen graduated from Science Faculty of Ankara University and granted by The Turkish Government to carry out his post-graduate studies abroad. He was accepted by Bristol University (United Kingdom) and he completed his Ph.D. course under the supervision of world-famous phycologist professor F.E.Round. He continued to produce researchers both on algal ecology and algal culture since then and one of his conspicuous research brought him an award of Bold Award Committee (USA ) in 1991. He supervised many MSc and Ph.D. thesis and produced over 100 articles and five books. He became a professor in 1994 and was appointed as a dean of Fisheries Faculty. He has been vice rector between 2008-2012. Professor SEN is a member of Board of Turkish Journal of Botany published by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey. He has also been a member of many international phycological associations and editor of NWSA Journal.

Bülent Şen

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The present book offers an overall up-to-date overview of the biological diversity, comprising many interesting chapters focussing on the different aspects of biodiversity. Most of the chapters include findings of investigations and observations on biodiversity, whilst a few are based on statistically and theoretically derived information. The book produced sufficient information on the occurrence and distribution of many plant and animal species or groups of organisms with environmental estimates from a wide variety of interesting terrestrial and aquatic habitats. With 18 interesting and elaborately prepared chapters, the present book would definitely be an ideal source of scientific information to the advanced students, junior researchers, scientists and a portion of the public involved in ecology and other research areas involving biodiversity studies. It will also help to the development of the growing awareness of the close linkage between the conversation of biodiversity and economic development.

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