Zubaida Yousaf

Dr. Zubaida Yousaf is working as an associate professor in the Department of Botany, Lahore College for Women University, Lahore. She joined this institute in 2009 as an assistant professor. She did her postdoc from South China Botanical Garden, Guangzhou, China, in 2011, funded by TWAS-CAS. She has authored 45 research articles and 4 books and contributed 6 chapters in international editors’ book. She has supervised more than 40 MS thesis, and currently 5 PhD students are working under her supervision.

Zubaida Yousaf

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This edited volume is a collection of reviewed and relevant research chapters concerning developments within the field of phylogenetics. The book includes scholarly contributions by various authors, edited by experts pertinent to the field of phylogenetics. Each contribution comes as a separate chapter but is directly related to the book's topics and objectives. The target audience comprises scholars and specialists in the field.

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