Krasimir Kolev

Semmelweis University Hungary

Krasimir Kolev is the head of the Hemostasis Division in the Department of Medical Biochemistry at Semmelweis University, Budapest and president of the Hungarian Society on Thrombosis and Hemostasis. He has published more than 50 original papers and 10 book chapters in the field of fibrinolysis. His early interest was in the enzymology of fibrin resolution focusing on mathematical modelling of the process. Recently his team has described the contribution of red blood cells, shear forces, cellular constituents (DNA, histones, myosin, phospholipids) to the modification of fibrin structure and its mechanical and lytic stability. His work has contributed to the current understanding of the impaired fibrinolysis in antiphospholipid syndrome and the role of various proteases in the pathomechanism of stroke.

Krasimir Kolev

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This book familiarizes the reader with some recent trends in the theory and practice of thrombolysis. It covers the field of fibrinolysis from the standpoint of basic scientists and clinicians and delivers the state-of-the-art information on the biochemistry and pharmacology of fibrinolysis, as well as related novel methodological and diagnostic tools in the field. An introductory chapter summarizes the basic molecular mechanisms in fibrinolysis (plasminogen, its endogenous activators and their inhibitors, plasmin and its inhibitors). Recent developments in our understanding of fibrin formation are described in the context of its impact on fibrinolysis. The discussion of neutrophil extracellular traps in the modulation of fibrin assembly and the consequences regarding plasminogen activation and plasmin action addresses a novel aspect of fibrinolysis.

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