Senay Sabah

Ankara University

Şenay Sabah is an assistant professor of Marketing at the Faculty of Political Sciences at Ankara University, Turkey. She has an MBA and Ph.D. degree from Ankara University in Marketing. She teaches macro-marketing, principles of marketing, marketing management, and marketing research. Her research also involves studies on cities and tourism related marketing phenomena. Identity, fandom, memory and self-related consumer research, materialistic consumption, consumption behavior of football fans, narcissism related consumption, need/desire discussion and its relevance to consumption, disposal and cognition are among her research interest. She has several conference proceedings, book chapters and other papers on these issues.

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Tourism is an important phenomenon of today's global world and is regarded as the world's biggest industry. As a concept, tourism inspires attention from different scientific areas and can be considered within an interdisciplinary context. Due to its multidisciplinary, multidimensional, and multimethod character, tourism is an area ripe for study. This book is a modest try for that end. The chapters are written from economic, managerial, marketing, and educational perspectives, using different frameworks and methodologies.

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