Gheorghita Isvoranu

Institutul National Victor Babes Romania

Gheorghita Isvoranu, PhD, is currently a research scientist at “Victor Babeș” National Institute of Pathology, Bucharest, Romania. In 2012, she got her PhD degree in Biology, at the University of Bucharest. She is author and/or coauthor of over 20 scientific papers and conference abstracts and also a book chapter. Her major areas of scientific interest include immunology, ancer therapy, and regenerative medicine. Gheorghita Isvoranu is also a member of the Romanian Society of Immunology and Romanian Association for Laboratory Animal Science.

Gheorghita Isvoranu

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This book represents a synergic effort of an international team of specialists in immunology to expand the scientific achievements in the field of lymphocytes. It offers important and specific updated information to researchers, students, teachers, and medical professionals. Moreover, considering the remarkable dynamics of immunology and immunotherapy, this book "Lymphocyte Updates - Cancer, Autoimmunity, and Infection" aims to represent a significant source of concise scientific data and advancement of knowledge in this field. The chapters offer new insights into the latest scientific progress on lymphocyte roles in protective immunity, as well as their involvement in pathogenesis of various disorders.

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