Jorge Rodas-Osollo

Researcher Professor

Dr. Rodas-Osollo is a knowledge scientist with more than 15 years experience of developing practical \"value add\" knowledge and cognitive solutions in several real environments. He holds a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and is a researcher at IT National Lab of the Mexican National Council of Science & Technology and the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez. In addition, Jorge has previously been worked knowledge engineering applied to the medical field, has developed knowledge and cognitive approaches for the Mexican government health offices and worked for a some of the consultancy groups. He is currently the Vice-President of Artificial Intelligence Cluster ( Jorge has published a number of research papers about knowledge engineering, knowledge representation, machine learning, intelligent data analysis, and artificial intelligence applied. Jorge is very relaxed when it comes to discussing his work and always likes to hear from readers. If you have any questions or comments about his publications, or would like to <<philosophize>> a little about Knowledge, Cognitive Computation or Artificial Intelligence, then he would love to hear from you at

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