Mustafa Demetgul

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Germany

Mustafa Demetgul was born in Duzce, Turkey, in 1978. He received the BSc degree, MS degree, and PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering from Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey. From 2007 to 2009, he was a postdoc with the Mechanical Engineering Department, Florida International University, Florida, USA. Here he has been involved in research on structural health monitoring and energy harvesting. He currently works at the Department of Mechatronics Engineering, Marmara University, as an Assoc. Prof. Dr. His research interests are fault diagnosis, energy harvesting, intelligent materials, automation systems, structural health monitoring, and artificial intelligence systems. He is the director of Fault Diagnosis and Structural Health Monitoring Lab in Marmara University. He is an editorial board member at many international journals. He has publications in many international journals and symposiums on failure diagnosis and fault detection.

Mustafa Demetgul

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Mass production companies have become obliged to reduce their production costs and sell more products with lower profit margins in order to survive in competitive market conditions. The complexity and automation level of machinery are continuously growing. This development calls for some of the most critical issues that are reliability and dependability of automatic systems. In the future, machines will be monitored remotely, and computer-aided techniques will be employed to detect faults in the future, and also there will be unmanned factories where machines and systems communicate to each other, detect their own faults, and can remotely intercept their faults. The pioneer studies of such systems are fault diagnosis studies. Thus, we hope that this book will contribute to the literature in this regard.

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