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Dr. Khaled Ghaedi has been in both the academia and industry fields. He has built his professional career holding different positions over the years with experience in engineering and research. He is the technical director of the engineering software and solutions provider in Malaysia to support the industry in Southeast Asia. He is the committee member of the international structural design code, ASCE 7-22. He has frequently published his research papers in well-known journals in different engineering fields such as earthquake engineering, finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, and materials and damage assessment of buildings, bridges, and dams. He has contributed to the process of knowledge sharing through his roles as an editorial board member, reviewer, and committee member of eminent journals, conferences institutes, and organizations.

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Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI), also known as engineering fluid mechanics, deals with mutual interaction between fluid and structural components. Fluid flow depending on the structural shape, motion, surface, and structural roughness, acts as mechanical forces on the structure. FSI can be seen everywhere in medicine, engineering, aerospace, the sciences, and even our daily life. This book provides the basic concept of fluid flow behavior in interaction with structures, which is crucial for almost all engineering disciplines. Along with the fundamental principles, the book covers a variety of FSI problems ranging from fundamentals of fluid mechanics to plasma physics, wind turbines and their turbulence, heat transfer, magnetohydrodynamics, and dam-reservoir systems.

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