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Emmanuel Drouet, PharmD, is a Professor of Virology at the Faculty of Pharmacy, the University Grenoble-Alpes, France. As a head scientist at the Institute of Structural Biology in Grenoble, Dr. Drouet’s research investigates persisting viruses in humans (RNA and DNA viruses) and the balance with our host immune system. He focuses on these viruses’ effects on humans (both their impact on pathology and their symbiotic relationships in humans). He has an excellent track record in the herpesvirus field, and his group is engaged in clinical research in the field of Epstein-Barr virus diseases. He is the editor of the online Encyclopedia of Environment and he coordinates the Universal Health Coverage education program for the BioHealth Computing Schools of the European Institute of Science.

Emmanuel Drouet

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Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) is a fascinating microorganism, as a “double-facetted” viral agent. After primary infection, it can persist throughout a person’s lifetime in a latent form, from which it can reactivate following specific stimuli (i.e., immunodepression). Unlike other herpesviruses, EBV reactivates a countless number of times with such a high replication rate that it is unable to be controlled by conventional anti-herpesvirus drugs. Moreover, for various reasons, no vaccine is currently available in the market. This book presents a comprehensive overview of EBV, including information on its potential for oncogenic activity, its various isolates, and possible vaccine candidates.

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