Guadalupe Valverde Aguilar

Instituto Politecnico Nacional, CICATA-Legaria

Professor Guadalupe Valverde Aguilar obtained her PhD. in Physics in 2003 at the Institute of Physics, UNAM. She undertook a Postdoctoral stay at UCLA, USA in 2003-2005. As a staff member of the UNAM, her research focused on spectroscopy techniques such as optical absorption, luminescence, photoluminescence, Raman spectroscopy and photoconductivity. Professor Valverde has been a professor in Physics at the Instituto Politécnico Nacional since 2011 and is an experimentalist carrying out research on bulk materials and mesostructured sol-gel thin films produced by a combination of the sol-gel process and evaporation-induced self-assembly (EISA). Her research at the CICATA U. Legaria is focused on catalysis and photocatalysis, release of drugs for the treatment of Parkinson\'s disease, and magnetism. This research is carried out in a highly interactive environment and involves inter-collaboration at ESIQIE-IPN, UNAM, and international collaboration with colleagues in USA.

Guadalupe Valverde Aguilar

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The sol-gel method is a powerful route of synthesis used worldwide. It produces bulk, nano- and mesostructured sol-gel materials, which can encapsulate metallic and magnetic nanoparticles, non-linear azochromophores, perovskites, organic dyes, biological molecules, etc.. This can have interesting applications for catalysis, photocatalysis; drug delivery for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases such as cancer, Parkinson's and Azheimer's. In this book, valuable contributions related to novel materials synthesized by the sol-gel route are provided. The effect of the sol-gel method to synthesize these materials with potential properties is described, and how the variation of the parameters during the synthesis influences their design and allows to adjust their properties according to the desired application is discussed.

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