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Dr. Seloame Tatu Nyaku is a Lecturer with the Crop Science Department, University of Ghana and his research interests are in host-plant interactions, and application of integrated control measures for management of nematode and fungal pathogens on plants, including indigenous crop species. Other areas of expertise include: designing Real-Time PCR assays, and analyzing data from multiple sources including complex whole genome, transcriptome, and population genomics through the usage of bioinformatics tools available from numerous public and private sources. His current research focuses on the application of grafting techniques on tomato, utilizing nematode-resistant root-stocks, together with imploring useful rhizosphere microorganisms for nematode and fungal control.

Seloame Tatu Nyaku

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Tomato cultivation is a major economic activity in many countries of the world. Thus, strategic efforts should be directed towards mitigating production constraints that limit overall yields and quality. In addressing some of these constraints, researchers are developing and using varieties of modern and innovative techniques to improve local tomato germplasm, make rapid genetic gains, and breed for varieties with resistance to biotic and abiotic stress. This book focuses on recent advances in genomics and genetic improvement of the tomato crop, and production systems, and center around the following themes: (i) disease and pest management in tomato production, and (ii) breeding tools and improvement of the tomato.

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