Lin Zhang

University of California, Davis

Dr. Zhang\'s clinical and research interests focus primarily on Parkinson\'s disease, including its epidemiology and the association between past nutritional deficiency and current prevalence of the disease. He is testing new drugs with neuroprotective properties that may slow down the progression of Parkinson\'s. Dr. Zhang also specializes in functional neurology focusing on the implantation and management of deep brain stimulation. He is investigating the clinical manifestation of the disease in patients with atypical Parkinson\'s disease, and those with a family history of pre-mutation for fragile X syndrome, a genetic disorder that typically affects children. Additionally, Dr. Zhang specializes in botulinum toxin (Botox) treatments for a variety of conditions, including, but not limited to, dystonia, spasticity and tremor. He uses electric muscle testing when giving Botox injections to improve accuracy and gain maximal results. Dr. Zhang serves as editor, reviewer for multiple journals. He is funded by private and federal agencies in the areas of gene therapy, drug trials, and translational research. He recently has received funding for Covid related research to improve the efficiency of clinical screening of patients for Corona viral infections.