Dana Stoian

Victor Babeș University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timișoara

Personal data: Name: Dana Liana STOIAN Date of birth : 4 iunie, 1973 Place of birth: Timisoara, Romania Marital status: married, one child Nationality: romanian Studies: 1979-1983 primary school:, Liceu Pedagogic, Timişoara 1983-1987 gymnasium - 'C.D.Loga” Mathematics-Physics Colegium Timişoara 1987-1991 High School - C.D.Loga” Mathematics-Physics Colegium Timişoara Diplomă Bacalaureat: seria J Nr. 149335/22.07.1991 1991-1997 Medical school, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timişoara. MD licence: seria P Nr.0069260/13.11.1997 Since 2004 specilaost in nedocrinology Romanian Ministry of Health Licence: Nr. 1191/2003 Diploma seria A Nr. 0016950/16.01.2004 Since 2009 PhD, Medical science, Summa Cum Laude. Romanian Ministery of Education Diploma nr. 6026/27.11.2009 Seria G Nr. 0003964/12.01.2010 Since 2009 CCD accreditation (ISCD) Licence 7/28.02.2012 (valid 28.02.2009-28.02.2014) Since 2009 senior consultant endocrinologist Diploma seria P Nr. 001202/18.11.2009 Romanian Ministry of Health 2008-2009 Endocrine ultrasound course – University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila București Diploma: Seria F Nr 0001924/08.04.2009 Diploma: Seria F Nr 0002036/13.03.2009 2009 Licence in endocrine ultrasound Romanian Ministry of Health Diploma seria C Nr. 022666/20.07.2009 2009 Certificat CEF – C1 (EOP), Vest University Timișoara, 2009-2010 Sexology – University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila București Diploma Seria F Nr 4444865/20.09.2009 Diploma: Seria E Nr 0017011/19.11.2010 Diploma: Seria E Nr 0015856/19.02.2010 Since 2011 sexology specialization Romanian Ministry of Health Seria C Nr. 028211/20.07.2011 2010-2011 Integrative Nutrition - New York State University in collaboration with Institute for Integrative Nutrition since 2011 Health Coach, New York State Department of Education, 01.10.2011 Health Coach recognized by American Association of Drugless Practitioners , Diploma Nr: 74553108/29.08.2011 Since 2012 FECSM – Fellow European Comitee Sexual Medicine Since 2013 Registered endocrine gynecology specialist (ISGE 2013) Short postgraduated courses 2001 International Couuse in Clinical Endocrinology, 03.-06.10.2001, București, Romania 2001 Euroson School: small parts, EFSUMB Timișoara, Romania, 26-27.05.2001 2004 Breast Ultrasound, Euroson School, Craiova, Romania, 19-20.09.2004 2007 European School of Urology, București, Romania, 06.2007 2007-2008 School of Sexual Medicine Specialist Training Programme: Oxford, UK, 15.07-27.07.2007 Roma, Italia, 11.04-13.04.2008 Lisabona, Portugalia, 23-25.11.2007 2008 EUROSON: Breast Ultrasound, 31.05-03.06.2008, Timișoara, Romania 2008 1st International Quantitative Ultrasound Bone densitometry Course, București, Romania, 07.2008 2009 CCD course, International Society for Clinical Densitometry, București, Romania, 27-28.02.2009 2009 Female sexual dysfunction – international course, Timișoara, Romania, 02.04-04.04.2009 2009 Clinical Endocrinology, European Society of Endocrinology, București, România, 28-30.05.2009 2009 Male sexual dysfunction – international course, Timișoara, Romania, 17.09-19.09.2009 2011 Francophone center of formation in ultrasound, Brest Ductal echography, Aix en Provence, Franța, 29-30.09.2011 2011 GCP – Good Clinical Practice, Szeged, Ungaria, 21-22.11.2011 2013 Postgraduate International Course of Endocrine Gynecology organized by the ISGE, Madona di Campiglio, Italy, 01.2013 2013 Manosmed MAstology Course, Bucharest, Romania 2014 EJE postgraduated Course, Cluj Napoca, Romania Academic experience 1999-2000 Preassistant professor , Anatomy Department, Medicine, 'Victor Babeș” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timişoara 1999-2001 Preassistant professor , Endocrinology Department, Medicine, 'Victor Babeș” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timişoara 2002-2012 assistant professor, Department of Obstetrics Gynecology Department, Medicine, 'Victor Babeș” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timişoara 2012-2016 Lecturer, Sexology Discipline, Department of Obstetrics Gynecology Department, Medicine, 'Victor Babeș” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timişoara 2016 Associate Professor, Department of Endocrinology, Medicine, 'Victor Babeș” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timişoara 2018 Habilitation, Department of Endocrinology, Medicine, 'Victor Babeș” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timişoara Other activities: 2006-present expert, www. san-sex.ro (free internet informational/educational site regarding sexual medicine/sexual health) 2005-2008 Pfizer interactive education ateliers for general practitioner 2009-2010 member of the ISSM Education Committee 2013- member of the AMSR Board (Romania Associating for Sexual Medicine) Prizes: 2002 Travel Grant, young Researcher, International Congress of Menopause, Berlin, Germany 2004 Romanian Association for Sexual Medicine – Best oral presentation 2007 ESSM Grant – 100% reimbursement for the FEASM. Granted by the Education Committee of ESSM 2009 Best presentation, Central European Congress for Osteoporosis, Krakowia 2009 2013 AACE Travel Grant 2013 13th St. Gallen Congres in Breast Cancer – Travel Grant 2014 Best Poster, Congres of Romanian-German Association of Gynecology, Romania Professional affiliation: 1999-present Romanian Society of Endocrinology (SRE) 1999-present German Society of Endocrinology (DGU) 2003-present Romanian Society of Sexual Medicine (AMSR) 2003-present European Society of sexual Medicine (ESSM) 2004-present International society of sexual Medicine (ISSM) 2006-present Itnernational Society of Womens Sexual Health (ISWISH) 2007-present American Endocrine Society ENDO 2007-present European Endocrine Soceity (EJE) 2009 – present Romania Society of PSychoneuroendocrinology (RPNES) 2009- present American Association Clinical Endocrinologist (AACE) 2011- present Romania Society of Surgery (SRC) Foreign languages English: Cambrige Certificate ESOL CAE: CEF- C1, German: Goethe Institute Certificate CEF - C1 Publication Monography – 5 Chapters in medical textbooks - 15 ISI articles in extenso – 21 Hirsch Index - 9

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