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Dr. Monwar Hossain graduated from the Department of Chemical Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET) in 1977. He worked as a lecturer at the same department before joining the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia as a postgraduate student. Dr. Hossain obtained his MEngSci in 1985, and PhD in 1988. After his post-doctoral fellowships at Massey University, New Zealand and at the University of Queensland, Australia, he joined the Industrial Research Limited (IRL), New Zealand as a research scientist. After several years of research at IRL, he then joined the Department of Chemical & Materials Engineering of University of Auckland, New Zealand as a senior lecturer. Dr Hossain moved to the Department of Chemical & Petroleum Engineering, United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), Al Ain in 2007, and has been working as an associate professor since then. He is involved in teaching Chemical Engineering (Thermodynamics, Mass transfer and Reactor design), Biochemical Engineering (Introduction to Biotechnology and Bioseparations), Water Desalination and Water Treatment. He has supervised 14 postgraduate students (3 PhD and 11 Masters), 3 post-doctoral fellows and many undergraduate research students during his career. He has published more than 60 research papers in international journals and presented 65 articles at the international/national professional conferences. His current research interest are: (I) applications of membrane technology to chemical & biochemical processes, (II) removal of ions (inorganic and organic ions) from water and waste-waters and (III) separation of bioactive compounds (proteins, amino acids and peptides) from food and dairy sources.

Md Monwar Hossain

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This book covers a number of topics in heat and mass transfer processes for a variety of industrial applications. The research papers provide advances in knowledge and design guidelines in terms of theory, mathematical modeling and experimental findings in multiple research areas relevant to many industrial processes and related equipment design. The design of equipment includes air heaters, cooling towers, chemical system vaporization, high temperature polymerization and hydrogen production by steam reforming. Nine chapters of the book will serve as an important reference for scientists and academics working in the research areas mentioned above, especially in the aspects of heat and mass transfer, analytical/numerical solutions and optimization of the processes.

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