Jerzy Winczek

Częstochowa University of Technology Poland

Professor of Czestochowa University of Technology in Poland, currently Head of Welding Department. His academic areas of interest: mechanics, thermomechanics, thermomechanical states (temperature field, phase changes, strains and stresses, modelling, analytical and numerical methods) in technological processes of metals and their alloys. He received his MSc Eng in 1983, PhD in 1994 and DSc in 2013. He is the author of monographs and 87 publications in international and national peer-reviewed journals and proceedings of conferences. He is a member of numerous Polish and international societies, the editorial boards of the journals, scientific committees of conferences. Prof. Winczek participated in many research projects funded from national central programs. For his scientific achievements, he was awarded Silver Cross of Merit by President of the Republic of Poland (2016).

Jerzy Winczek

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Thermomechanics is a scientific discipline which investigates the behavior of bodies under the action forces and heat input. Thermomechanical phenomena commonly occur in the human environment, from the action of solar radiation to the technological processes. The analysis of these phenomena often requires extensive interdisciplinary knowledge and the application of advanced mathematical apparatus. Thermo-mechanical phenomena are analyzed using analytical and numerical methods. The analytical solution offers a quicker assessment of the searched values and its dependence on the various parameters. Some problems can be solved only by numerical methods, of which the finite element method is commonly used. This book intends to present current trends and methods in solving thermomechanics problems.

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