Theodore V. Hromadka II

United States Military Academy United States of America

Hromadka & Associates’ Principal and Founder, Theodore Hromadka II, Ph.D., Ph.D., Ph.D., PH, PE, has extensive scientific, engineering, expert witness, and litigation support experience. His frequently referenced scientific contributions to the hydrologic, earth, and atmospheric sciences have been widely published in peer-reviewed scientific literature, including 30 books and more than 500 scientific papers, book chapters, and government reports. His professional engineering experience includes supervision and development of over 1500 engineering studies. He is currently a faculty member at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York.

Theodore V. Hromadka II

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In this book, an attempt is made to highlight the recent advances in Hydrology. The several topics examined in this book form the underpinnings of larger-scale considerations, including but not limited to topics such as large-scale hydrologic processes and the evolving field of Critical Zone Hydrology. Computational modeling, data collection, and visualization are additional subjects, among others, examined in the set of topics presented.

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