Mario Garcia-Sanz

Prof. Mario Garcia-Sanz is the Director of the Control and Energy Systems Center at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU). With over 25 years of experience working with industry, defense and space agencies he has developed many patents, papers and best-selling books about advanced commercial control solutions, including the design of multi-megawatt wind turbines, satellites with flexible structures and flying in formation, large radio telescopes, waste-water treatment plants and power systems. Mario has worked as a Professor at CEIT-IK4, TECNUN and UPNA (Spain), as a Visiting Professor at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory NASA-JPL (USA), the European Space Agency ESA-ESTEC (The Netherlands), UMIST and Oxford Universities (UK), as a NATO/RTO Lecture Series Director in over 20 countries, as Senior adviser and consultant for industry, and as an expert on wind turbine design and control engineering in patent litigation related matters at the European Court. In 2009 Mario came to CWRU as the Inaugural Milton and Tamar Maltz Endowed Chair Professor in Energy Innovation. Bio:

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