Theerthankar Das

University of Sydney

Dr. Theerthankar Das (School of Medical Sciences, University of Sydney, Australia) is an experienced microbiologist specifically in microbiology, microscopy/imaging, biochemistry, biomedical engineering and cell biology. He completed his PhD from the University of Groningen in 2011. Following his Postdoctoral position at the University of New South Wales (2011-2014), Dr. Das joined the University of Sydney after wining prestigious University of Sydney fellowship (2015). He is currently a Senior Research Fellow at this university and involved in bacterial biofilms research and development of novel strategy to disrupt biofilms and facilitate host cell growth. Dr. Das has won various research funding’s/grants from University, Industry, Government valued over 4 million AUD. In addition, he has won multiple times conference travel awards and regularly invited to deliver lectures at various institutes and biofilm meetings. Dr. Das has authored and co-authored 23 publications in reputed journals and 4 book chapters as first author. He has supervised and co-supervised PhD’s, MPhil, Masters and Honours students and involved in academic teachings for first year Medical students and Advanced Medical Bacteriology students. Dr. Das research has initiated establishment of strong collaboration with industry, hospital and research institutes.

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