Marcos de Melo

Marcos T. de Melo, received the B.S in Physics from the Federal University of Pernambuco-UFPE, Brazil, in 1983. Continuing his studies at the same university he received the M.S. degree also in Physics in 1992, where his thesis focused on Microwave Absorption on Superconducting Samples. In 1997, he received the Ph.D from Birmingham University, England, where his thesis focused on High Temperature Superconducting Devices. In 1999, he joined the Department of Electronic and Systems, UFPE. His present research interests include the design and fabrication of coplanar structures in microwave frequencies, like resonator, power divider, filter, delay line, instantaneous frequency measurement systems, superconducting transmission line and also measurement of dielectric properties of novel materials for microwave applications.

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