Carlos Alberto Fróes Lima


PhD in Energy Planning focusing on Smart Grid at Unicamp, University of Campinas, Brazil. Has his Engineering Master of Sciences in Telecommunication, focusing on Telecommunication Network Management and Bachelor in Computer Science at Unicamp. Has also his MBA at FGV, Brazil. As an entrepreneur, he is KNBS ( CEO and he is in charge of intelligence to the grids, customer relationship, smart grids, IoT, knowledge management, telecommunication to energy environment and utilities, Regulatory facilities, communication integration, power grid evolution, knowledge discovery and management, networks management, services and solutions development. He had worked at the Energy and Telecommunication markets during the past 33 years and managed more than 30 R&D projects (12 or 24 months duration) during the past 10 years by the ANEEL, FINEP and FAPESP Brazilian funding programs.

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