María-José Argente

Miguel Hernandez University

María José Argente graduated as agronomic engineer in animal production and obtained her PhD in agronomic engineering in rabbit genetics from Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain) in 1996. She is an Associate Professor in animal science at Department of Agro-Food Technology at Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche (UMH, Spain). She spent a sabbatical year at Institute of Cell, Animal and Population Biology at University of Edinburgh in 2000, in order to study major genes affecting litter size and uterine capacity in rabbits. Since 2002, she is leading the research team in rabbit genetics at UMH. This has allowed her: 1) collaboration with other national and international research teams (UK, France, Slovakia and Algeria), 2) authorship and co-authorship of more than 90 scientific papers (30 papers indexed in international database Web of Science), and 3) to become a referee for international journals (Animals, Biology, Livestock Science, and World Rabbit Science). Her research is focused on genetic improvement of litter size in rabbits using indirect methods, such as selection for environmental sensitivity and impact assessment on health and welfare status of does. For further information on her scientific publications, please visit

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