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Dr. Jason Hall is a U.S. Naval officer specializing in space systems acquisition. His research interests include dynamics and guidance and control of spacecraft and robotic systems. He has worked on control system design for proximity operations and docking of autonomous spacecraft for the Spacecraft Robotics Laboratory at the Naval Postgraduate School and developed a novel algorithm to effect three axis control of a spacecraft with only two control actuators such as reaction wheels. He earned his B.S. degree in Systems Engineering from the U.S. Naval Academy, his M.S. degree in Astronautical Engineering and PhD in Mechanical Engineering, each from the Naval Postgraduate School.

Jason Hall

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The development and launch of the first artificial satellite Sputnik more than five decades ago propelled both the scientific and engineering communities to new heights as they worked together to develop novel solutions to the challenges of spacecraft system design. This symbiotic relationship has brought significant technological advances that have enabled the design of systems that can withstand the rigors of space while providing valuable space-based services. With its 26 chapters divided into three sections, this book brings together critical contributions from renowned international researchers to provide an outstanding survey of recent advances in spacecraft technologies. The first section includes nine chapters that focus on innovative hardware technologies while the next section is comprised of seven chapters that center on cutting-edge state estimation techniques. The final section contains eleven chapters that present a series of novel control methods for spacecraft orbit and attitude control.

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