Guiomar Denisse Posada Izquierdo

University of Cordoba

Prof. Guiomar Denisse Posada Izquierdo completed her degree in Agronomic Engineering in 2006, her agrifood master in 2007, and received her PhD in Food Science and Technology from the University of Córdoba, Spain, in 2013, where she currently works in the Department of Food Science and Technology. She has more than 12 years’ experience participating in the food quality and safety field together with training courses, academic teaching, and participation in food-related events. Guiomar Denisse Posada has been involved in different national and international research projects related to predictive modeling and risk assessment (development of a common structure for microbiological risk assessment and management in minimally processed and ready-to-eat foods: application in vegetables products, and selection of fit-for-purpose sampling procedures for specific foods and risks, BASELINE, COST Action 920). She has been trained and specializes in disinfection treatments and processing control of vegetable foods thanks to different pre- and post-doctoral stays at prestigious institutions such as the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, Michigan State University (USA), University of Ghent (Belgium), and the Spanish Research Council (CEBAS-CSIC and IG-CSIC). Her publications include more than 30 peer-reviewed papers and book chapters related to the application of predictive models in foods, microbial risk assessment and management, decontamination technologies in vegetables, and food shelf-life. Additionally, she has presented more than 50 communications in different conferences and symposia since 2006. She participated in the organizing committee of the last ICPMF10 conference held in Córdoba (September 2017). Currently, Guiomar Denisse Posada holds a position at the Department of Food Science and Technology (University of Córdoba). She has wide experience (8+ years) in academic teaching within the food science and technology and veterinary degrees.

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