Márcia Aparecida Sperança

Federal University of ABC

Márcia Aparecida Sperança is Associate Professor at the Center for Natural and Human Sciences of Universidade Federal do ABC (UFABC, São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo, Brazil). After obtaining a PhD in Biology of Parasite–Host Interaction from the Parasitology Department of the Biomedical Institute of University of São Paulo (Brazil), Dr. Sperança worked as an assistant professor and researcher at Marilia Medical School (Marilia, São Paulo, Brazil). Her scientific experience is in diagnosis, molecular biology, and molecular epidemiology of different infectious agents including arboviruses, the bacteria Helicobacter pylori, malaria parasites, and trypanosomatids. Presently, Dr. Sperança is the head of the Laboratory of Pathogenic Agents at UFABC, an institution with multi and interdisciplinary academic proposals, which are characteristics of her investigation field.

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This edited book Dengue - Immunopathology and Control Strategies contains eight chapters divided in three sections that underline important aspects of dengue virus, the most prevalent and life-threatening arbovirus in the world, including virus replication cycle and pathology, diagnostic methods, and control. The first section brings knowledge on basic aspects of dengue virus replication which can be associated to its immunopathology. The second section includes two chapters on dengue diagnosis and emphasizes that in spite of the many scientific efforts, this subject continues to be a drawback in the disease control. Vector-based control strategies are discussed in the third section which also contains a chapter on regulation of dengue vaccines and the experience of Mexico in the implementation of the unique registered dengue vaccine.

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