Miodrag Zlatic

University of Belgrade Serbia

Miodrag Zlatic was born on 21.10.1953 in Belgrade. He is full professor at the Faculty of Forestry of Belgrade University/Serbia at the Department of Ecological Engineering of Soil and Water Resources Protection. He is chief of the Department for Erosion Control. His fields of research and subjects of lecturing are: Bases of the Environment Protection, Sustainable Natural Resources Management, Erosion Control Economics, Natural Resources Policy, Demographic Aspects of Degradation and Protection of Natural Resources, Risk and Uncertainty of Investments in Sustainable Land Management. He was chairman and co-chairman of several international conferences. He is editor-in-chief, as well as member of editorial board of several international and national journals, books and bulletins. He was coordinator of several national and international projects such as World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies (WOCAT) for Serbia since 2001. He was president of the World Association of Soil and Water Conservation (WASWC) in the period 2005–2010, and is currently councillor of the same Association.

Miodrag Zlatic

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Forests are the dominant terrestrial ecosystem of Earth. They are distributed across the globe. Forests account for 75% of the gross primary productivity of the Earth's biosphere, and contain 80% of the Earth's plant biomass. Human society and forests influence each other in both positive and negative ways. Forests provide ecosystem services to humans. Forests can also impose costs, affect people's health, and interfere with tourist enjoyment. This publication presents reviews and research results on negative and positive human interference on forests, as well as ecology, management, governance, policy and economic issues. The book consists of four sections with 12 chapters derived from around the world.

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