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Jānis Kleperis, Dr. phys., is a Lead Researcher, Head of Laboratory of Hydrogen Energy Materials of the Institute of Solid State Physics (ISSP), University of Latvia. He has participated in various local and international projects related to materials science, energy and environment. He is an author of more than 150 scientific publications. The theme of his doctoral thesis was 'Research of Colour Centres in Tungsten Trioxide”. His fields of specialization are semiconductor physics, materials science, optical and electrical properties of materials, solid state ionics, electrochromic phenomena, chemical gas sensors, instruments with artificial intellect (electronic nose), hydrogen gas sensors, materials for hydrogen storage, Li and metal hydride batteries; electrolysis, membranes and MEA for fuel cells; DOAS for air pollution monitoring; air pollution measurement, emission calculations, forecasts. Jānis Kleperis is a member of International Society of Electrochemistry.

Janis Kleperis

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Asking Google for different applications of electrolysis, interesting results can be noticed: electrolysis and hair removal - about 284 000 000 web pages, water electrolysis - about 7 440 000 web pages and industrial electrolysis - about 2 540 000 results. In this book three most important applications of technological electrolysis are discussed - water electrolysis (hydrogen production), industrial electrolysis and environmental electrolysis. Authors of the chapters are recognized specialists in their respective research fields and the presented material is not only from reviews and literature sources, but also original results. We hope that the reader will find useful information in the chapters of this book and are certain that the science can reveal unexpected discoveries even tomorrow, if current progress is at hand or on a shelf.

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