Zoran Constantinescu

Petroleum & Gas University of Ploieşti Romania

Zoran Constantinescu got his MSc (1997) at the Department of Computer Science from the Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania. He has been working since, both in the Software Engineering industry and in Higher Education. He got his doctoral degree in Computer Science (2008) from The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway, with a thesis on a desktop grid computing approach to scientific computing and visualization. In fact, he has developed from scratch a new open source desktop grid computing system, named QADPZ, and has proved its viability by testing it on some scientific computing and visualization experiments. Since QADPZ became openly available in 2003, thousands of users around the world have been using it for their computationally intensive tasks and contributed with their feedback to the system’s improvement. Broadly, his research interests include parallel and distributed computing, desktop grid computing, GPS systems, and embedded systems, and he has published 25 research papers dealing with these topics. He is very committed to the open source world and actively participates in this endeavor.

Zoran Constantinescu

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This book approaches the grid computing with a perspective on the latest achievements in the field, providing an insight into the current research trends and advances, and presenting a large range of innovative research papers. The topics covered in this book include resource and data management, grid architectures and development, and grid-enabled applications. New ideas employing heuristic methods from swarm intelligence or genetic algorithm and quantum encryption are considered in order to explain two main aspects of grid computing: resource management and data management. The book addresses also some aspects of grid computing that regard architecture and development, and includes a diverse range of applications for grid computing, including possible human grid computing system, simulation of the fusion reaction, ubiquitous healthcare service provisioning and complex water systems.

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Advances in Grid Computing Edited by Zoran Constantinescu

Advances in Grid Computing

Edited by Zoran Constantinescu