Brizeida Hernandez-Sanchez

University of Salamanca

Professor Brizeida Hernández Sánchez has extensive training and pedagogical experience, with focus on curricular design and teaching; specialized in project management and educational quality processes, for different academic levels; she is an expert in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) applied to education, social pedagogy, special education, educational technology and management of public policies and educational institutions (supervising training in different master's degrees). She is currently an associate professor at the University of Salamanca, Faculty of Education. This training trajectory is combined with a wide and extensive experience, academic and professional, in the field of pedagogy: in planning agile methodologies and application of actions, based on the diagnosis of needs; in the organization and management of curricular and innovation projects, in improving the teaching and learning processes; in the design of personalized educational resources, educational technology, blended learning, etc. She is the Academic Coordinator of the Training Program in the Entrepreneurship Chair at the University of Salamanca, a member of the Academic Committee for international postgraduate programs (masters) in Entrepreneurial Development and Innovation, and the National Secretary of the Network for Entrepreneurship Training, Research and Development.

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