Sílvio Manuel Brito

Instituto Politécnico de Tomar Portugal

Sílvio Brito obtained a degree in Human Resources Management and Work Psychology from the Higher Institute of Languages and Administration (ISLA), Portugal. He has a master\'s degree in Management (Organizational Behaviour) from Lusíada University, Portugal, and a PhD in Psychology from the University of Extremadura, Spain. He is a scientific editor and reviewer for several journals and books. He is also a member of several societies, including the Portuguese Society of Psychology, National Association of Evolutionary and Educational Psychology of Childhood, Adolescence, Elderly and People with Disabilities (NAEEPCAEPD), Psyche-EX Research Centre of the University of Extremadura, and the University of Salamanca Chair of Entrepreneurs Scientific Committee. He is also vice president of the Association for Training, Research, and Development of Entrepreneurship. Also, he is a Senior teacher and scientific projects and internships manager at the Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour Department of Management at the School of Polytechnic, Institute of Tomar.

Sílvio Manuel Brito

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What is creativity? There are many definitions, many of which involve trying different experiences, searching for new solutions, exercising our brains, and meeting and talking with new people. To be creative we need to believe in our skills and step outside our comfort zones in the search for new challenges. This book is a discussion of creativity in four parts: creativity behaviour, creativity learning, creativity in science and arts, and creativity tendencies. Chapters address such topics as creativity in children, creativity in education, creativity at the emotional level, and more.

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