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Tamer Rizk, MD FRCPCH MBPNA (UK) MINA (USA) MICNA (SWE) is currently Consultant Pediatric Neurologist and a Professor of Pediatric Neurology in NB, Canada. Dr. Rizk’s research focuses on various subspecialties in the field of pediatric neurology, specifically movement disorders and spasticity. His research has been directed at recent advances in management modalities. Dr. Rizk studied Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt. His pediatric neurology training was shared between KSA and the UK. Subsequently, he completed a CESR in Paediatric Neurology from the UK. Dr. Rizk has many publications and he is a member of the Editorial board of multiple reputable journals in the field of pediatric neurology. He has presented his work in many worldwide conferences and symposia, and ran a lot of workshops for spasticity management and the use of the ketogenic diet in treating epilepsy.

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The book contains four chapters discussing dystonia from a new perspective. Dystonia may result from either diffuse or localized pathology of the cerebral cortex, brain stem, or spinal cord. Management of dystonia is challenging, and specific goals should be identified. Dystonia is considered one of the most disabling conditions in the pediatric age group, which may remain until adulthood; treatment is usually unsatisfactory. Meige's syndrome, or "oromandibular dystonia," may be misdiagnosed as temporomandibular joint or psychogenic disorder, which will alter management and delay proper treatment. Dystonia with non-motor disorders includes sleep, cognitive, pain, sensory, and psychiatric disorders, and their pathophysiological and biochemical mechanisms and specific treatment are discussed. This book will be of interest to GPs, neurologists, family physicians, and internal medicine specialists.

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