Bernardo Llamas

ProfessorUniversidad Politécnica de MadridSpain

Bernardo Llamas is a Lecturer at the UPM Technical University of Madrid. He has worked with the private sector in research and development projects and in the search for technologies to combat climate change. He has also collaborated on projects dealing with carbon dioxide capture for storage in deep geological formations and headed projects on carbon dioxide sequestration using microalgae systems and the production of bio-methane for the automobile sector. As well as his research and teaching on project management, he is also involved with INERGYCLEAN TECH, a new company which develops technologies to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the energy sector.

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Sustainability should be a key component of every process, safeguarding resources and reserves for future generations. This book shows how a responsible use of resources is possible, offering valid technological alternatives to fight climate change. We offer current technologies and valid methods for a wide range of activities: teaching, investigation, work, business and even daily life. We encourage all our readers to join us and become part of the solution to climate change, rather than the problem. After reading this book, we are certain that you will find justified reasons to start your own personal and social awareness campaign in favour of these effective technologies against climate change.

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