Rıza Hakan Erbay

Pamukkale University Turkey

Dr. Riza Hakan Erbay has become an anesthesiologist at Pamukkale University in 1996. He has obtained his titles of assistant professor in 1997, associate professor in 2005, and professor in 2011. He has mainly worked in the field of orthopedic anesthesia, regional anesthesia and intensive care medicine. He worked as Education Coordinator in the Faculty of Medicine during 2007-2009. He served as Vice-President of Surgical Sciences Department of Faculty of Medicine during 2009-2012. He has obtained the title of Intensivist in 2013. He worked as a Head of the Anesthesiology Clinic in Izmir Tepecik Training and Research Hospital during 2013-2014. He is currently the Chairman of Department of Anesthesiology and Reanimation at the Faculty of Medicine of Pamukkale University.

Rıza Hakan Erbay

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Knowledge of intensive care medicine is growing logarithmically. In addition, intensive care units and their number of beds are increasing in hospitals. Nowadays, the average human life is prolonged due to the growth of medical knowledge and skills. Intensive care units, both as a cause and as a consequence of long-life expectancy, are increasingly important. This book contains current topics on intensive care such as critical care for neonatal, neurological, and cardiological patients; fluid management in these patients; and intensive care infections. We wish the readers find this book to be helpful.

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