Yulin Jia

Dale Bumpers National Rice Research Center

Yulin Jia, PhD is a research plant molecular pathologist at USDA Agriculture Research Service Dale Bumpers National Rice Research Center. He has been identifying emerging research frontiers, conceiving new objectives, formulating innovative and interdisciplinary approaches, and executing research to help the U.S. rice industry remain competitive in the global marketplace by assuring pest resistance and stress tolerance. He published 300 publications and proceedings including 110 peer-reviewed journal articles (including articles in Nature Genetics, Nature Communications, Plant Cell, PNAS, Science). He contributed to 17 book chapters, released five mapping populations, and one putative mutant population consisting of over 20k individuals. He organized over 30 national and international congresses/symposia. Dr. Jia is sought out internationally as a mentor and has trained 75 scientists/staff members including 18 postdoctoral associates and visiting scientists from 10 foreign countries.

Yulin Jia

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This book focuses on recent advances in genetic resources, host - pathogen interactions, assay methods, mechanisms of pathogenesis, and disease resistance. Environmentally benign crop protection methods for major rice diseases such as rice blast, sheath blight, bacterial blight, and newly emerged rice diseases such as false smut and bacterial panicle blight disease are included. The content also contains recent rice breeding methods for higher yield and improved disease resistance, rice processing, delicious rice recipes, and food safety. The book includes a comprehensive understanding of Bacillus thuringiensis toxin and its application for crop protection. Holistically, the book demonstrates successful applications of genomics, physiology, chemistry, genetics, pathology, soil science, and food technology to sustainably protect rice crops for global food safety.

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