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Dr. Mwasiagi was born in Kenya, where he received his basic and secondary education. Dr. Mwasiagi did his Bachelors degree in PSG College of Technology (Coimbatore-India). He graduated from China Textile University and Donghua University with a masters and doctoral degrees respectively. His doctoral thesis covered modeling of cotton fiber to yarn spinning process using Artificial Neural Network (ANN), modified ANN models and Extreme learning Machines (ELM) algorithms. His industrial work experience includes working in Thika Cloth Mills (Thika) and Rivatex (Eldoret) where he worked as a Spinning Manager. Dr. Mwasiagi joined Moi University in 1997, where he works as a senior lecturer, in the School of Engineering. His area of research includes natural products (fibers, dyes etc), garment design, industrial modeling, re-newable energy, cleaner production and industrial policy formulation. Dr. Mwasiagi has published journal and conference papers covering modeling of fiber to yarn properties, tea dyes, enzymatic desizing, cotton industry in Kenya and the dimensions of the human body.

Josphat Igadwa Mwasiagi

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Kohonen Self Organizing Maps (SOM) has found application in practical all fields, especially those which tend to handle high dimensional data. SOM can be used for the clustering of genes in the medical field, the study of multi-media and web based contents and in the transportation industry, just to name a few. Apart from the aforementioned areas this book also covers the study of complex data found in meteorological and remotely sensed images acquired using satellite sensing. Data management and envelopment analysis has also been covered. The application of SOM in mechanical and manufacturing engineering forms another important area of this book. The final section of this book, addresses the design and application of novel variants of SOM algorithms.

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