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Siirt University

Yasar Bahri Ergen graduated from İstanbul State Academy of Engineering and Architecture Department of Architecture in 1973. In 1976, he completed his master degree at the İstanbul State Academy of Engineering and Architecture in City Planning. From 1982 to 1984 he lived in the US to conduct research in his field of expertise. He received the Doctoral Degree from Gazi University in 1987. His academic life started in 1982 and took turn from the US to Gazi University. After 1995, he established Departments of Architecture and City and Regional Planning at Bozok University and Amasya University. In 2017, he established Faculty of Fine Arts and Design and the Faculty Departments at Siirt University. Currently, he is the chair of the City and Regional Planning Department at Siirt University.

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Urban and regional planning is a spatial design practice that brings limitations to the intervention in natural areas to ensure a balance between population growth, housing, and employment in residential areas. It includes spatial design that enables living creatures to live while planning the interventions to ensure suitability to ecology, geology, climate, and land structure since intervention in nature should be balanced. In this context, the profession generally includes regional, spatial and urban planning, urban transformation that involves the urban decline areas in the city, urban renewal and protection, urban transportation, and urban management. Therefore, it is believed that this book will be useful for those who work in this area on a practical or academic basis and follow the innovations in the profession.

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