Michael Schorr

Autonomous University of Baja California

Michael Schorr is a Professor and Doctor Honoris Causa at the Institute of Engineering of the University of Baja California in Mexico, and a member of the Mexican National System of Investigators, Level II. He was granted the B.Sc. degree in Chemistry and the M.Sc. degree in Materials Engineering, both by the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and, during the period of 1986-2004, served as Editor of the Corrosion Reviews journal. He was actively involved in the development of desalination processes in Israel, focusing particularly on the selection and testing of corrosion-resistant materials required for fabrication of the pertinent equipment and plants. Professor Schorr has fifty years of experience in controlling environmental and industrial corrosion in Latin America, Europe, USA, South Africa and Israel. He authored and co-authored 240 scientific and technical publications on corrosion science, engineering and technology, as well as several books in English, Spanish and Hebrew.

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The book comprises 14 chapters covering all the issues related to water desalination. These chapters emphasize the relationship between problems encountered with the use of feed water, the processes developed to address them, the operation of the required plants and solutions actually implemented. This compendium will assist designers, engineers and investigators to select the process and plant configuration that are most appropriate for the particular feed water to be used, for the geographic region considered, as well as for the characteristics required of the treated water produced. This survey offers a comprehensive, hierarchical and logical assessment of the entire desalination industry. It starts with the worldwide scarcity of water and energy, continues with the thermal - and membrane-based processes and, finally, presents the design and operation of large and small desalination plants. As such, it covers all the scientific, technological and economical aspects of this critical industry, not disregarding its environmental and social points of view. One of InTech's books has received widespread praise across a number of key publications. Desalination, Trends and Technologies (Ed. Schorr, M. 2011) has been reviewed in Corrosion Engineering, Science & Technology – the official magazine for the Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining, and Taylor & Francis's Desalination Publications. Praised for its “multi-faceted content [which] contributes to enrich it,” and described as “an essential companion...[that] enables the reader to gain a deeper understanding of the desalination industry,” this book is testament to the quality improvements we have been striving towards over the last twelve months.

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