Paulo Roberto B. Evora

Paulo Roberto Barbosa Evora graduated in Medicine at the Ribeirão Preto School of Medicine,University of São Paulo, SP, Brazil (1972); medical resident in General Surgery (1973) and Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery (1974 ), obtaining the doctor’s degree (1980 ) in General Surgery at the Postgraduate Program of the Department of Surgery and Anatomy. Dr. Evora participated in the Post- Doctoral and Visiting Researcher in Cardiovascular Surgical Research (1990-1991) and as Senior Research Fellow in Research Surgery (1991-192) at the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine, Mayo Foundation, Rochester, USA. He became an Associate Professor in Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery at the Department of Surgery and Anatomy, Ribeirão Preto Faculty of Medicine, University of São Paulo in 1993. Exerted all his academic work as Assistant Physician at Ribeirão Preto Hospital of Clinics , where he served as Clinical Director of Intensive Care during 27 years at the end of 2003 he started obtaining the position of professor in Public Defense (2004), held the position of Coordinator of the Endothelial Function of the Division of Experimental Surgery. His current research includes following topics : 1) Global ischemia and reperfusion; 2)Vasoplegic endothelial dysfunction; 3) Effects of mechanical forces on the vasoreactivity of human saphenous veins, and; 4 ) Acid-base balance and endothelium-dependent vascular reactivity.

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