Miguel Maluf

Federal University of Sao Paulo Brazil

Dr. Miguel Angel Maluf was born in Córdoba, Argentina in 1950. He has graduated from Universidade Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina and become a medical doctor in 1973. Dr. Maluf did specalization in Cardiovascular Surgery at Instituto do Coracao (INCOR) – São Paulo, Brazil. His Surgical Fellowship training was finished by defending the Master’s, Dosctoral and Postdoctoral thesis, in the Cardiovascular Division at Universidade Federal de São Paulo, Brazil. He research includes development of several models of biological cardiac prosthetic to remodeling of the right ventricle outlet tract, in congential heart disease. Dr. Maluf has more than 25 internattional plus 40 national publications, as well as 80 international and 250 national presentations and more then 11 book chapters related to his research areas. Currently he works as Associate Professor of the Cardiovascular Division at São Paulo Federal University.

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Latest work with IntechOpen by Miguel Maluf

In this book it is shown how this specialty has evolved over the past 20 years, with significant advances in diagnosis and palliative and definitive techniques for correction of cardiovascular diseases. The book contains 10 cahpters, which are showing the classical adult and pediatric cardiac surgery.

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