Osamu Takano

Osamu Takano, Ph.D. is a senior specialist of JAPEX, and a temporary research staff of JOGMEC and the Geological Survey of Japan. His expertise ranges from siliciclastic/carbonate sedimentology, basin analysis, tectonics and sedimentation to petroleum geology. In his works, he has plentiful experiences of sedimentological and sequence stratigraphic reservoir distribution analysis in both international and domestic hydrocarbon exploration/development projects. His special focus areas in his researches include forearc and backarc basins around Japan, where tectonics had much affected the basin-filling sedimentation styles. As the results of his researches, he has published more than sixty technical papers and given 120 presentations in both international and domestic academic meetings. As academic society jobs, he experienced an editorial board member of the journal of the Geological Society of Japan, a steering committee member of the Sedimentological Society of Japan, and an international panel member of the IODP science advisory structure.

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