Jerzy Trojan

University of Cartagena

Jerzy Trojan has completed his Doctorat d’Etat (HDR) in 1981 in P. et M. Curie University – Paris VI, and performed scientific and clinical researches principally in French NIH (INSERM), CWRU University -- USA, and then in Colombian NIH (INS), among others. He is a co-author of almost 250 publications (httsp:// Trojan/citations/). His scientific results were rewarded by prizes, including Prize of Cino del Duca Foundation – France. Recently he was elected the member of international Academy of Medicine (ANM) – Paris, 2017. His contribution to biomedical science is as follows: 1. Demonstration of the convergence existing between embryo-fetal development and neoplastic development using AFP and IGF-I as new biomarkers. Applying AFP: first chronogram of normal and neoplastic development of central nervous system. 2. Establishment of cancer gene therapy (immunogene therapy) as a new domain of oncology, using anti – gene IGF-I approach [Wikipedia - Gene therapy – 1990s – 2010s]. Applying gene therapy: first successful increase in survival of glioblastoma patients.

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