Lorenzo Galati Giordano

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Lorenzo Galati Giordano received his PhD in Wireless Communications from Politecnico di Milano in 2008. During his PhD he has been a visiting Marie-Curie student at Centre for Wireless Network Design, University of Bedforshire (UK), supported by the European project RanPlan-HEC EU-FP6. In 2009 he has worked as a temporary researcher for the Italian National Research Council (IEIIT-CNR). Since 2010, he has moved to industry working as a consultant for Nokia Siemens Network (Germany) and as a 4G R&D Engineer for Azcom Technology (Italy). Lorenzo’s main areas of interest are: 4G Architectures, Cross Layer Scheduling, Self-Organizing Networks, Vehicular and Mobile Networks, Small Cells deployment, PHY receiver design.

Lorenzo Galati Giordano

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This book provides an insight for students, researchers and practitioners on the area of vehicular communications explaining and presenting solutions for some of the most critical issues in this field and, hopefully, inspiring new research directions. The book is organized in Sections, which respond to different layers and aspects of the vehicular technology: infrastructures, cells deployment and its integration with the V2V part, access procedures, advanced services and applications as localization, spectrum sensing, relay-based cooperative networks.

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