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Professor Luis Sobrevia is a biologist holding MSc in Physiology from Universidad de Concepción (Chile), PhD in Biomedical Sciences from King´s College London (UK). He is Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and is Honorary Professor at University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research (UQCCR), Australia. His research interest is vascular physiology focused on cellular and molecular mechanisms regulating gene expression, transcripts and protein products associated with plasma membrane transporters and receptors in micro and macrovascular endothelium of the human placenta under pathological conditions, including preeclampsia and gestational diabetes.

Luis Sobrevia

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This book summarizes several aspects of GD, which is caused by not well-understood multifactorial mechanisms. Common strategies seem to be key in the understanding of the syndrome, i.e., endothelial dysfunction and the role of other placenta cells such as trophoblasts. It is a book that will definitively help to increase the knowledge-based management of GD for the well being of the mother and the fetus. Several chapters lead us to the conclusion that pre-pregnancy and antenatal screening of women is required, something that will improve the management and outcome of a current pregnancy but will also optimize life-long health and well being considering the inter-generational consequences.

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