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Arzu ŞENCAN ŞAHIN was born in Manisa/TURKEY in 1975. She received his Bachelor’s Degree, Master Degree and Ph.D.from Süleyman Demirel University Mechanical Engineering in the years 1996, 1999 and 2004 respectively. Her area of interest is renewable energy, heat transfer, thermodynamic. She has published / presented many research papers in reputed international and national journals and conferences.

Arzu Şencan

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This book includes solar energy, wind energy, hybrid systems, biofuels, energy management and efficiency, optimization of renewable energy systems and much more. Subsequently, the book presents the physical and technical principles of promising ways of utilizing renewable energies. The authors provide the important data and parameter sets for the major possibilities of renewable energies utilization which allow an economic and environmental assessment. Such an assessment enables us to judge the chances and limits of the multiple options utilizing renewable energy sources. It will provide useful insights in the modeling and optimization of different renewable systems. The primary target audience for the book includes students, researchers, and people working on renewable energy systems.

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