Lester Davids

University of Cape Town South Africa

Dr Lester M. Davids completed his under- and postgraduate studies at the University of Cape Town. His PhD was completed in the Department of Medicine in 2003 studying the heme disorder, porphyria. Four years of postdoctoral work under the mentorship of Prof Sue Kidson led to him in 2010, joining the academic staff of the Dept of Human Biology where he is currently a Senior Academic Lecturer. He established the Redox Laboratory Research Group (http://redoxlab.uct.ac.za) in 2010 which uses human skin as a model to study the biological effectiveness of photodynamic therapy as an adjuvant form of melanoma skin cancer therapy. Thus far 10 postgraduate students have graduated under his mentorship and since 2008 he has published 8 peer-reviewed international publications.

Lester Davids

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The book Recent Advances in the Biology, Therapy and Management of Melanoma brings up-to-date information regarding a number of aspects which culminate in illuminating potential targets in the fight against melanoma. This book is intended to be a reference book for both the scientific and clinical communities and brings complicated subject matter together in an easy, readable way. Undoubtedly fundamental scientific understanding has to then be translated to the clinic in order for us to make significant strides in eradicating melanoma. It is hoped that scientists, clinicians, students and residents find this book useful in their studies on melanoma and that it not only expands their perspectives and views on the field, but challenges them to forge ahead towards discovering the ultimate cure.

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