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Luis Enrique Noreña occupies the position of Senior Professor at the Department of Basic Sciences of the Metropolitan Autonomous University, UAM-Azcapotzalco, Mexico. From November 2007 to October 2011, he was the Head of the Department of Basic Sciences, and from May 2012 to April 2016, he was the Director of the Division of Basic Sciences and Engineering. He obtained his first degree in Chemical Engineering from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, UNAM, and his MSc. and PhD degrees from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, England. He is a member of Mexico’s National System of Researchers (SNI). His current research interests include the synthesis, characterization, and applications of porous catalytic materials and applications of polymers with electrical properties.

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Todays chemical industry processes worldwide largely depend on catalytic reactions and the desirable future evolution of this industry toward more selective products, more environmentally friendly products, more energy-efficient processes, a smaller use of hazardous reagents, and a better use of raw materials also largely involves the development of better catalysts and, specifically, purposely designed catalytic materials. The careful study and development of the new-generation catalysts involve relatively large groups of specialists in universities, research centers, and industries, joining forces from different scientific and technical disciplines. This book has put together recent, state-of-the-art topics on current trends in catalytic materials and consists of 16 chapters.

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Advanced Catalytic Materials Photocatalysis and Other Current Trends Edited by Noreña Luis

Advanced Catalytic Materials

Edited by Noreña Luis