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Zeeshan Nawaz received the Bachelor of Engineering degree in Chemical Engineering from Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro in 2003, with the Gold Medal. He earned a Master\'s degree, M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering with specialization in Process Engineering in 2006 from University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore. He earned his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering & Technology in 2010 and currently working as Research Scholar, at Beijing Key Laboratory for Green Chemical Reaction Engineering & Technology (FLOTU), Department of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, P. R. China. He has been Design Engineer at Chemical Process & Plant Design Center (CPPDC), external examiner for Chemical Engineering at numerous engineering institutions, and member of editorial boards for internationally reputed research journals. Professionally, Zeeshan has command over the art of design Fluidized Bed Reactors and processes. Besides he had a deep insight into the disciplines of reaction engineering, catalysis, renewable energy and environmental engineering. His initial research was focused on catalysis and reaction engineering. In particular, on-purpose olefin\'s enhancement technologies like paraffin\'s dehydrogenation, olefins inter conversion, etc. He invented a new catalyst that has the potential of direct dehydrogenation of alkanes to alkenes selectively. Moreover, he gave an integrated relationship, which explains the attrition behavior of bi-model particles fluidized bed system. He published more than 60 publications including research papers, communications, reviews, conference papers, technical notes, etc. in reputed journals. Presently he is working as a Scientist in Chemical Technology Development, Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC).

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Chemical engineering applications have been a source of challenging optimization problems in terms of economics and technology. The goal of this book is to enable the reader to get instant information on fundamentals and advancements in chemical engineering. This book addresses ongoing evolutions of chemical engineering and provides overview to the sate of the art advancements. Molecular perspective is increasingly important in the refinement of kinetic and thermodynamic molding. As a result, much of the material was revised on industrial problems and their sophisticated solutions from known scientists around the world. These issues were divided in to two sections, fundamental advances and catalysis and reaction engineering. A distinct feature of this text continues to be the emphasis on molecular chemistry, reaction engineering and modeling to achieve rational and robust industrial design. Our perspective is that this background must be made available to undergraduate, graduate and professionals in an integrated manner.

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