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Professor Vladislav Demyanov graduated from Irkutsk Military Aviation Engineering Institute as an electronic engineer in 1993, received his PhD in radio-wave physics from Irkutsk State University in 2000 and his doctorate of science degree in Engineering from Siberian Federal University (Krasnoyarsk, Russia) in 2011. He has been working for the Institute of Solar and Terrestrial Physics and for Irkutsk State Transport University as a senior researcher and as a Professor. As an expert in his field, he is a member of the Radio-engineering Science Council of Siberian Federal University and a Head of State Examination Commission of Moscow State Aviation University. His research interests are: ionosphere scintillation research, science education, navigation solutions for transport, and space weather impacts on GNSS.

Vladislav Demyanov

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Being a vital modern technology, satellite systems for navigation, telecommunication, and geosciences have developed rapidly in the last 25 years. Modern satellite technologies have become a base of our civilization and support our day-to-day activity in both practice and geosciences. This book is devoted to GNSS-remote sensing for ionosphere research, modeling and mitigation techniques to diminish the ionosphere and multipath impacts on GNSS, and survey of the modern satellite missions and technologies. We hope that the experts’ opinions presented in the book will be interesting for the research community and students in the area of satellites and space missions as well as in engineering and geoscience research.

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Satellites Missions and Technologies for Geosciences IntechOpen
Satellites Missions and Technologies fo... Edited by Vladislav Demyanov

Satellites Missions and Technologies for Geosciences

Edited by Vladislav Demyanov